About Shipping

For Amazon Prime customers, go to amazon.com and search our brand Escalier to shop for the hottest trends. If you’re purchasing for a gift, you can receive it faster through Amazon’s fulfillment service (FBA), which offers 1-2 day shipping. 

If you are not on Amazon Prime, please contact us after completing your purchase. Our customer service team will provide you with the best shipping option for your needs. 


About Packaging

In order to protect our products during shipping, we use high-quality bags with zippers. Our customers can reuse these bags as storage during off-seasons.

Faux fur vest:9.8X13.8X2 inch / Faux fur vest:25X35X5 cm

Down Jacket:17.7X13.8X3.1 inch/ Down Jacket:45X35X8 cm

Wool Jacket:11.8X15.7X3.1 inch / Wool Jacket:30X40X8 cm