Voyage Silk Scarf


The Voyage scarf crafted from pure silk, features an abstract watercolor painting by artist Bojun Tang.


100% Mulberry Silk (Crepe Satin)
Width 26in. X Length 26in.
HD Digital printing
Hand Stitched


Dry Clean Recommended
Hand wash or Machine wash in the mesh wash bag in lukewarm water (30¡ãC) on the most gentle cycle available.
Minimize spin time.
Do Not Use Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
Hang dry if possible, however, avoid direct sunlight exposure.
Use neutral or special detergent for silk.

Escalier is a brand where affordability and high end meet to create a concept we call affordable x luxury.
Sometime in the distant past our clients were faced with two options when it came to higher end luxury clothing. Either spend to achieve that look you desire on expensive higher fashion brands or what most of us have done throughout our 20s, which was go to the more affordable brands that offer not as desirable looks we originally wanted.
This soul destroying compromise of sacrificing quality, look and your own fashion style for the sole reason of being priced-out of a brand is what we are hear to break. 
We never want you to make that decision again.
Escalier is a brand not just bridging, but absolutely removing the gap between luxury level looks and affordability. We're here to tell you that you absolutely CAN have a look you desire with out breaking the bank and look good doing it.
Affordable luxury is our motto, and we're here for you.


Escalier sets the trend in fine fashion for the masses by cutting the middleman out of the equation. We have tailored polished fashion at prices that make sense. Get sophisticated, fashion-forward design, direct from world-renowned textile factories without breaking the bank. Straight forward, high design with you in mind. Our team of fashion experts work tirelessly to deliver all the hottest trends with quality and style you can trust. Our team is always here to get the fit right, and have you looking great.
“Welcome to Escalier, a Tailored Life”

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